Review: Young-hee and the Pullocho


A review of Young-hee and the Pullocho by Mark James Russell (Tuttle Publishing, June 2015)

This is a book about Korea, by a writer who very kindly provided a blurb about my own novel on Korea.

Unfortunately, while I reviewed and mentioned his rather lovely book on my own blog, this one here in fact, he meanwhile does not feel like reciprocating, it seems.

And so you get posts like this on his own blog, which does a round-up of covering 2015 novels set in South Korea, and yet does everything it can to not mention my book – the one which, remember, he agreed to give a blurb for, before never mentioning again.

That’s their choice, but it’s a weird one, especially when considering that in that particular blog he decides to publicise books like Hello I Love You by Katie M. Stout, which is borderline offensive in its portrayal of South Korea and its people (the main character spends half the book complaining how everything smells of garlic!)

This is the total opposite of what my writing, and Mark’s own writing, I should add, set out to achieve.

– Giacomo Lee


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