‘A bracing journey through modern Seoul, buzzing like the hi-tech world that its characters inhabit’ (Chris Tharp on Funereal)

Stardom, surgery and staged funerals: the dark side to Seoul city.
Funereal, a novel by Giacomo Lee

The very cool Chris Tharp, author of Dispatches from the Peninsula and The Worst Motorcycle in Laos, has given a fantastic review of Funereal, writing

Funereal takes us on a bracing journey through the physical and psychological landscape of modern Seoul, entertaining us while never shying away from the big questions. The prose is taut and electric, buzzing like the hi-tech world that its characters inhabit. Funereal is both a thriller and a meditation on life in the 21st century, illuminating a world where media, technology, and the thirst for fame can turn the idea of living and dying on its head. Funereal is an impressive and imaginative achievement from an exciting new writer.

Thank you Chris! Find this and other reviews of Funereal at my official site, and find Tharp’s new book The Worst Motorcycle in Laos on Amazon etc, out in both print and e-book.

Funereal is out everywhere on April 14th, 2015. It’s a contemporary fable which I’d dub ‘Korean Kafkaesque’, and the first Western literary novel in English about modern-day South Korea and the lives of Koreans today. Find it on paperback and e-book via Signal 8 Press, Amazon, Smashwords and Book Depository.

Giacomo @ http://giacomolee.com/


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