Free Chapter of Funereal, a Novel on Seoul and Staged Funerals

Stardom, surgery and staged funerals: the dark side to Seoul city.
Funereal, a novel by Giacomo Lee

I’m Giacomo Lee, and I’m happy to report that writer Colin Marshall has previewed my new novel Funereal for its first ever review, and posted the first chapter for free on the very influential Boing Boing website. Here’s a little of what he had to say on the book:

Lee…accomplishes a literary act of which I know no precedent: convincingly rendering Korean characters through Western eyes. His countryman David Mitchell essayed a dystopian Korea in one layer of Cloud Atlas, but he set it in the unrecognizably distant future. Lee writes of the dystopian Korea of today, one that, in his conception, has driven itself nearly to the asylum with its own increasingly impossible standards and hopelessly unrealistic expectations.

Mission accomplished! Maybe I’m the new David Mitchell? I’d like to be, that’s for sure. Read more at this permalink, and here’s a direct link to the PDF of Funereal, chapter one, suitable for all e-book readers etc etc. Funereal is out everywhere on April 14th, 2015. It’s a contemporary fable which I’d dub ‘Korean Kafkaesque’, and the first Western literary novel in English about modern-day South Korea and the lives of Koreans today. Find it on paperback and e-book via Signal 8 Press, Amazon, Smashwords and Book Depository. Thank you to Colin and everyone at Boing Boing! – Giacomo @