The Best of Humming Urban Stereo

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The first beginner’s guide in English to Humming Urban Stereo. To guide you through their decade’s worth of discography, I’ve selected ten tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud that best represent Humming, from singles and album tracks, to remixes and production work for other artists.

Korean indie really began to find its identity in 2004, coincidentally the same year as Lee Jee-Reen began his eclectically electronic production outfit Humming Urban Stereo 허밍 어반 스테레오. In honour of their ten year anniversary, Humming Urban Stereo have released a greatest hits retrospective with a twist, May’s Reform release, which re-imagines their classic tracks with the aid of current k-pop artists such as G. NA and Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls 브라운 아이드 걸스. Check out my article above on Medium.



Tracks selected:

Easy Come Easy Go

Banana Shake


You That Day

Maem Maem

Let’s Stay Together

Hawaiian Couple (YMCK Mix)

I, Tears (Humming Urban Stereo Remix)

Scully Doesn’t Know

Abuse Girl


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