Haim is a Trio, but HAIHM is a One Woman Man Machine.


In time for her first Seoul show of 2014 @ Mudaeruk in Hapjeong 합정 district tonight, the MV for new Haihm single Bird No Singing (울지 않는 새) has been released by influential k-pop channel 1theK, along with details of her new album Point 9, due out on May 30th. The video visuals are as trippy and alien as Haihm’s very unique style, which stand out big time from the rest of 1theK’s usual fare. These are black sheep sounds, which I’m glad are getting this kind of backing.

Not to be confused with all American indie queens Haim, Haihm, or 하임 in Hangul, is an elusive electronica act who went below radar following the release of her eponymous debut album in 2008, concentrating since then on idiosyncratic production work for Yoon SangIU, and Ga-in, while playing the odd gig here and there in Seoul as part of the We Are The Music Makers  residency at Mudaeruk 무대륙. If you miss Haihm’s WATMM show tonight, you can still catch her work at the current Noise 소음인가요  sound installation in Seoul Museum of Art’s Project Gallery, with its free showcase of Korean electronic music running until June 22. Find the museum by City Hall station, and check out this classic Haihm remix of the Brown Eyed Girls 브라운 아이드 걸스 track Second on Soundcloud below:

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