Bloggers in Korea: Looking to post on Medium?

by Giacomo d. Lee, author of Funereal, first novel from the West about modern Korea, taking a look at the dark side to pop, surgery & Seoul in 2015. Follow @elegiacomo


Medium is the free blogging platform from Twitter which has not only dispensed with its waiting list signup recently, but has also made life easier for those bloggers who want to set up Collections or categories for different kinds of entries on the site. Those with ideas on articles about East Asia should look over here for the newest writing on Japan, China etc, while the Korean blogosphere can submit to the SOKO: South Korea collection which I also manage. There are some great articles on Silla and suicide in the latter by Lore Mariano and Sky Kauweloa respectively, while the former has great essays on Korean cinema by Christopher Wheeler (try this one on Snowpiercer and The Face Reader for starters), plus some personal, pensive musings on Seoul by Ida Kimmer. On an unrelated note, music fans may also like my Medium post on 2013’s best albums, featuring Korea’s Glen Check 글렌체크, Phoenix 피닉스, Daft Punk 다프트펑크 et al.

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