Korea’s Buster Cubes: Psy, Joker or G-Dragon?

By Giacomo Lee. Read the dark side to Seoul city in his novel Funereal, out now on Amazon UK & US.

Shopping around Seoul, it’s very easy to come across collectibles and accessories in cutesy shops like Kosney or 10×10, although you may be hard pressed to find Korean originals amongst famous Japanese brands like Kubrick Bearbricks, those bear shaped toys that range from the very small to the very large and expensive i.e. these Daft Punk figures on sale in the Gwanghwamun Artbox for over $800(!)

Daft Punk  Be@rbricks キューブリック

Closing in on the gap though are the new range of Buster Cubes from Korea’s Kuntoy, or 쿤토이which is pronounced guen-toy like good toy (so get that certain C word we use in the West out of your mind after washing your mouth out, por favor).

Figures in the Buster Cube collection so far range from original designs to officially licensed DC superheroes, along with a special Dark Knight edition in honour of everyone’s favourite psychopath The Joker, as released in December last year.

[instagram url=http://instagram.com/p/j6hkx8I3Lp/]

[instagram url=http://instagram.com/p/j6VHrTI3Po/]

Even Wonder Woman gets a figurine, perhaps in anticipation of her role in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Each of these Buster Cubes come with detachable hair and helmets in typical Lego fashion, and the limited Man of Steel Cube came with an interesting range of hair colours, as shown below.


There are also Busters in honour of the YG Family, with a few for Psy (싸이), and a future release planned for G-Dragon (지드레곤) in One of a Kind mode. All these toys are near impossible to find outside of Korea though, so any Big Bang fans wanting one of the below should hit up us Korea-based folk for more details.



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