PPyong! Whatever happened to Bonnie?

While checking out new and old bingsu pop tracks for a YAM feature on the current indie scene in South Korea, I came across this forgotten gem by a solo act named Bonnie. Released in 2009, Ppyong! at First Sight came out as a one-track digital download to no attention, and then in a remixed version by Daeza & Chu that featured rapping  from a member of Jewelry (which also got zero reaction). The remix is crap, but the original is unique and charming in a very minimal way. Bonnie bounces around on a minimal dubstep wobble which was quite progressive in 2009, but even more original was how the wobble isn’t dark or edgy, but cute and playful instead. This was playground dubstep for kids. Kidstep? Have a listen.

The only song I can compare Ppyong to is an even more obscure one by American-Japanese trio Cinnamon, the single Cakes and Pies, which was released by London label Lewis Recordings in 2004. Also really fun, in a space cadet kind of way.

So whatever happened to Bonnie? I have no idea. After Ppyong, she released nothing else, which is ironic seeing as ppyong (뿅) is the Korean for whoosh, or poof – the sound something makes when it vanishes into thin air. This isn’t surprising considering the over-saturated nature of the k-pop market, and nor is it surprising that something which didn’t fit the mould managed to slip by without anybody noticing.



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