Korea via Singapore: Look young with eyebags

Look young with eyebags

Young Singaporeans are resorting to aesthetic procedures to make their undereye area more prominent because they think it makes them appear more youthful and friendly.

The trend, called “aegyo sal” (say a-gio-sal) in Korean, translates loosely as “cute skin”. It started in South Korea a few years ago and recently caught on here. 

Read the rest at Straits TimesLook young with eyebags

By Giacomo Lee. Read the dark side to Seoul city in his novel Funereal, out now on Amazon UK & US.


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  1. nowadays beauty trend is increasingly weird. japan’s fang teeth is on the trend. known as the ‘yaeba’ look which look cute and innocent. sounds similar with this eyebag trend. who knows what will be trendy in the future.

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