Samsungs Latest Mobile Ad Reflects Changing Attitudes To Interracial Marriage

Essential reading (and viewing) from WFTROK

Word from the R.O.K

The latest commercial film from Samsung promoting their Galaxy S4 reflects a changing society in the Republic of Korea. Inter-racial marriage and relationships have gone on in Korea for a very long time, though the percentage over all has been relatively small. With the growth of foreigners in Korea (as small as it may be, in comparison to multicultural countries such as the US and England) it’s expanded even more.

The ad (ignore the grammatically incorrect sentence structures in English) features a girl riding a train and falling in love with a foreigner through the use of apps on their mobile phones. Awwww isn’t it so sweet?

There’s still an existence of anti interracial marriage and relationships from some sectors of Korean society, but Samsung’s ad reflects an increasing change of attitude.

As more and more young Koreans are sent overseas by the parents for education and as more Koreans…

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