Asia Elsewhere: Towa Tei / David Tao

In Asia Elsewhere we  take an  occasional look at the visual and musical from China, Japan and beyond. Today, two videos found via YAM Magazine. Remember Towa Tei, x of Deelite and Groove is in the Heart fame? This is Apple, the second single from his 7th studio album Lucky, featuring Japanese starlet Shiina Ringo, who has an “apple” related song titled Ringo no Uta and the “ringo” part of her name also means “apple.”  It’s the best thing he’s done in years.

Second, from Taiwan, it’s David Tao.  As YAM says,

Tao has just released his 7th album titled Hello Goodbye (再見你好嗎), which features artists such as Crowd Lu who performs two songs, including this one. Titled Brothers (逗陣兄弟), the song and music video tells the story of the bond between two brothers — at a point, it’s stated “You are my Batman, I am your Robin; I will cover you.

The 8-bit video’s great, and does indeed feature a little Batman action.

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