Viral Korea: White guys abuse Korean girl

The roots of the video are a little confusing as it originated from Moodclip, a Korean Facebook page – but where did the Korean poster get the original video, which was certainly filmed by a non-Korean?  And couldn’t they blur out the woman’s face in the video? Luckily, she walks away, and the ugliness (hopefully) ended there. Also on the Facebook page you’ll find disturbing footage of a Korean teacher beating a young female student, so Moodclip is certainly no anti-foreign page.

NSFW, of course.

By Giacomo Lee. Read the dark side to Seoul city in his novel Funereal, out now on Amazon UK & US.

2 thoughts on “Viral Korea: White guys abuse Korean girl

  1. Verbally? Mate, I saw this pop up on my wall and instantly thought of the Steubenville case. This is not verbal abuse, this is sexual abuse. I’m disgusted, but not shocked, by the attitude of the Korean facebook page putting the blame on the ‘useless’ woman. But this is just wrong. I hope they find the feckers and ship them out of the country.

    • You’re right. I titled it ‘verbally’ because – honestly – I’d had enough after the first ten seconds, and went with a description posted elsewhere. After watching the whole thing, and seeing how they manhandle the woman, I’ve decided to retitle the post to the Youtube title – the word ‘abuse’ sums it up on its own, without drawing anyone here using ‘sex/sexual’ as a shock tactic, winding up as material for search-bot spam.

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