Asia Elsewhere: Meg – Save


A while ago I wrote about female Korean idols mixing up guitars and pop, and it seems the trend’s crossing over to Japan as well. Hailing from Hiroshima, Meg has been operating since the early 2000s, a pop star who’s worked in the past with Yasutaka Nakata, the producer behind electro-pop acts such as Perfume et al. I first came across Meg when she was collaborating with English nu-ravers Hadouken! back in 2009 (anyone remember them? Or nu-rave, for that matter?) She’s now back with new producer Masaru Yokoyama, and a punchy new sound, as showcased on the double-A side/video release Kiss or Bite & Save. The latter excites the most with its angular-chiotune rock stylings, though it’s hard to find an embeddable copy of the video/audio for Save only, so stick with this Dailymotion link via JpopAsia, or watch both videos back-to-back below on Youtube:

Asia Elsewhere is an occasional series looking at the visual and musical from China, Japan and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Asia Elsewhere: Meg – Save

  1. I’m a huge fan of MEG who happened across this article from her Facebook page, but it’s always depressing to see her reduced to another singer in Nakata’s “stable” (really?) when she only worked with him for about four years out of her long and prolific music career. “SAVE” is produced by Masaru Yokoyama, so if you’re excited about its sound, definitely give him the credit for his great work on this song.

  2. Thanks for your message Cait, it’s good to have a dialogue going! As you can see, my knowledge of Japanese music doesn’t extend beyond Nakata & Capsule/Perfume/Kyary Pamyu sadly 😦 And yes, ‘stable’ was a poor choice of words. Can you recommend any other essential Masaru Yokoyama productions?

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