Until June 16: 60 years of the DMZ

photo (2)

Werner Bischof, Island of Koje Do, 1952. Internment camp for North Korean prisoners of war.

Since March, Seoul Dream Forest’s Arts Centre has been hosting 60 Years of the DMZ, a startling contrast of wildlife and humanity, and the past and the present. For a mere 1,000KRW you’ll see stunning shots of the untouched jungle land between the two Koreas, plus more poignant shots of troops and civilians from the 1950s until now. The above shot was taken by Werner Bischof, and there’s an interesting colour one of Marylin Monroe entertaining the troops which I couldn’t find online.

There’s no English version of the Arts Centre site currently, but directions to the rather beautiful Dream Forest or 북서울 꿈의 숲 can be found via Exploring Korea:

Take Line No.1 to Wolgye Station and 50m from Exit 2 get on Blue bus 147 Blue Bus for about 8min.
Take Line No.1 to Seokgye Station and 20m to the right from Exit 7 (across the street) and take Seongbuk 14 bus, Village Bus for about 10min.
Take Line No.4 to Mia Samgeori Station and 10m from Exit 1 get on Gangbuk 09 or Gangbuk 11, Village Bus for about 10 min.
Take Line No.6 to Dolgoji Station and 10m from Exit 3 get on Bus 147, Blue Bus for about 6min.
Take Line No.7 to Hagye Station and 100m from Exit 5 get bus 149, Blue Bus for about 10min.

All buses head directly to the forest. Catch the exhibition before it finishes on June 16th.

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