Viral Korea: What is Gwiyomi / Kiyomi? // Explanation & Videos

How did I miss this?

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So first it was Gangnam Style, then it was Harlem Shake. And now..Gwiyomi / Kiyomi!

Well, my friends were posting about Gwiyomi / Kiyomi everywhere on Facebook recently and I was ehh..what’s that?

“Gwiyomi” translated into English means someone who is cute hence the new dance craze literally means “cute player”.
– Taken from HERE

So obviously some other research and tadaa..(totally taken from Wikipedia HERE):

Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미송) is the lead single from 귀요미송 (Re Title), a digital single by a South Korean indie singer Hari which describes the love of a girl and a boy.

[Eng Sub] 귀요미송 Kiyomi Song (Cutie Song) by 하리 Hari (Full Song)

It was started by Korean Idol Jung Ilhoon of BToB on BToB MTV DiaryMany who created a series of hand movements accompanying the song “Kiyomi Song”.

Original Gwiyomi / Kwiyomi (Aegyo Boy Cutie Player) 

Various K-pop artiste…

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