May 4th: 51+ Festival (51플러스 뉴스)

Interested in seeing the best indie and alternative acts Seoul has to offer? Bored a little of Hongdae? Then heard on over with us to Mullae this Saturday to catch over 50 acts (!) play the aptly named 51+ Plus Festival. Details from the official site:

Where: Seoul Art Space_Mullae, Mullae Station
Ticket: 30,000KRW(Reservation)
Wire money to: 국민(KB Kookmin Bank) 522302-01-228820 After wiring, send an email to with 1. your name 2. number of tickets 3. mobile no.

The same page has a handy list of all the bands playing in plain English, but here’s a little rough guide to the rising acts to watch out for, divided into 3 lists for those into Electronic, Indie and Acoustica.

Electronic @ 51+:

Sonyeon + Sofarider

Pure acid from two of the leading acts on Korea’s lethal sounding Volt Age label. Listen to their Mumbo Jumbo collaboration from Volt Age’s Soundcloud now.

Yamagata Tweakster

With one of the most unique sounds and styles on the scene, Yamagata Tweakster is a synth trickster to take seriously.


After a recent shoutout from Eat Your Kimchi, and coming off on the heels from a great set at Powwow’s chill-out night last week, Yukari is the current queen of all that’s electric in Seoul.

Indie @51+:

Oyster Boys

Oyster Boys confidently cross genre boundaries from ballsy guitar goodness to stars-in-their-eyes synthpop. This track is from their latest album, Tiger Soul.

 The Veggers

We recommend The Veggers for those who want their guitars with a bit more bite. Definitely a band to watch – see this live performance for proof!

Seogyo Group Sound

Who says pretty boys can’t rock?

Kuang Program

With a little glitch in their mix, Kuang Program are one of the bands to be most excited about in the city.

Acoustica @51+:

Kim Mokin

Kim Mokin has one album to his name so far, and his most recent release was a collab with fellow acoustic artist Big Baby Driver. Stream their track My Goodbye if you’re in the mood for something nice and slow.

Small Acacia Band

One of the more established acts to be playing 51+, Small Acacia Band pull off lovely gentle gems like this one, So Goodbye.


5 albums later, and Smacksoft still haven’t lost their soft, deft touch. The rainy jazz drums on this track make it a standout.



Fancy a little Korean hiphop while you’re at 51+? Psycoban will do the trick. Americano..! ㅋㅋㅋ

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