Where can I timberlake?

At the noraebang I’m not averse to singing a bit of Justin Timberlake, Sexyback or Rock Your Body being my usual faves. A new challenge has been found though in the shape of Tunnel Vision, standout track from his new album The 20/20 Experience, as embedded aboveWhatever your feelings on JT, just stream the track now for an almighty audio experience – those synths on the chorus, hear how they fall! Textures and small little touches like these make the song a genre on itself (post-rave space ‘n’ b?) The album could have done with more of this…

After reading that it reached #27 in the South Korean charts, I’m now wondering if and when Tunnel Vision will pop up in the backs of Korea’s karaoke catalogues, and which Seoul noraebangs I’ll have to scout out in particular to find my chance to sing it. Needle in a haystack… It’d be a cool if there was a news feed from the mysterious powers that be who churn out these karaoke vids, but I’m sure they won’t see the business sense in making a noraebang version of a 7 minute album track that doesn’t even have a video to its name yet anyway. (Now that I think about it, I haven’t come across What Goes Around  yet on the noaraebang trail, another Timberlake classic, also epic in scale).

For now, I’ll just hope this gets put out as a proper single soon. Don’t Hold the Wall would also be nice to croon.

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