Asia Elsewhere: Joanna Wang – Galaxy Crisis (YAM Magazine Review)

YAM Magazine » Archive » Joanna Wang – Galaxy Crisis: The Strangest Midnight Broadcast.

Great review of a decent album from Taiwanese artist Joanna Wang. I’d describe it as a collision between Janelle Monae and YMCK, if the former had the voice of Mari Wilson, and the latter went a little more radio friendly on the ears. I’m sure some would describe Joanna Wang as the Asian Monae, but there’s nothing particularly Asian about her music, unless doing an 8-bit video game concept LP counts as being Asian, in which case we’re all Asian now. The lyrics can be a bit blunt and clunky when trying to capture the wordiness of Ms Monae, and, as the review states, the concept does get a bit one-note near the end of the album, but it’s still worth a listen, and Wang does seem to be a promising artist. Her image and imagery is note perfect judging by the embedded MV above for Coins, and I think Sony Epic have done well to take the risk in signing her. I wonder if her biggest markets are Japan and Taiwan, and whether her label thinks she can make any impact in the West..? Thanks to YAM Magazine for pointing her my way x

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