K-Electronika of the Month: Taxic – When We Kiss

During my first sojourn in Korea back in ’09, I heard this track, When We Kiss, by Taxic. On my old blog, my younger self raved lyrically:

A magic moment came in the CD shop… I fell in love with an electronica tune that drifted over the in-store system like kisses and roses over a waterfall… It drifted in innocently then began to stomp with its stabs of violet sugar in a basketball court. It was an indoor UFO, the spaceship in the room, pachyderm in size and character.

Taxic itself remained a mystery as the years passed, seemingly having released only this tune, as put out on a compilation CD from 2004. 9 years later in 2013, and I see this commercial on Youtube for Laneige Homme, a Korean male cosmetics brand:

The Taxic tune is on the soundtrack! And still the artist remains as mysterious as ever… The few seconds of the track in the ad don’t do the song justice, so I’ve uploaded the whole song to Soundcloud above. Trust me, Korean electronica hasn’t got any better than this.


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