4D Review: Oblivion at CGV Wangsimni

Last night I had my first experience of 4D cinema not just in Korea, but the world. The choice of film for this personal landmark was Oblivion unfortunately, a sci-fi borefest that’s part existential Moon rip-off, part excuse for a Star Wars battle rehash, one more Drone Wars (zzZ) than Clone Wars. It’s actually ten different movies mashed together. (Spoilers below, I suppose).

4D cinema is a combo of 3D, moving chairs and water sprays. Oblivion has all of those except 3D, plus a few surprises like the pumping of flowery aroma in the auditorium whenever the hero visited the only idyll left in the Wall-E wasteland called Earth. I liked the use of a water ‘spit’ from the front when Harper’s wife awoke from cryo-sleep, throwing up bile in a repeat of Sci-Fi Cliche #149.

The CGV cinema at Wangsimni itself is a new construction, complete with coffee shops and restaurants as expected, and a nice little promotion to the back for upcoming boxing drama Fist of Legend 전설의 주먹. There you can place post-its of love for the film’s two main leads, or try out your hand at a carnival punch bag game.

Oblivion is showing at CGV Wangsimi, located at Exit 5 of Wangsimini station, Line 1.

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