via YAM: GI (Global Icon) – Beatles

Read this: YAM Magazine » Archive » GI (Global Icon) – Beatles. Very interesting to see in light of my recent article on Korean girl idols breaking the mould. I always viewed 2NE1 as tomboyish (although I see one of them’s now been Barbie surgerized to the max.) The article also introduced me to Taiwan’s Misster, a girl band made to look, act and sing like boys(!) My eye did bulge…

2 thoughts on “via YAM: GI (Global Icon) – Beatles

  1. I was a little astonished to see quite a bit of tomboy/girly girl couples in my tour in Taiwan, strolling in the street (I remember one couple that seemed to be moving or traveling), and even being lovey dovey in the museum. lol The one most shocked about it was my mother who wondered why the “guy” was so scrawny looking. Her eyes bulged a little when I told her it was because it was a girl.

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