K-indie Tune of the Month: Mongoose – Everybody

This is interesting: credit card company Hyundai Card has decided to fly the flag for Korean indie, helping artists to put together some rather fine MVs, and finance a tour of my homeland, England, one which stops near my hometown of Medway, Kent (a county not known for its music scene, in a country not known for its love of Asian or Korean rock).

Seoul band Mongoose won’t be touring the UK, but their latest video comes under the Hyundai Card banner, and it’s full of eye candy drawn in that characteristically 21st century Korean manner: straight-edged and tidy, almost cubic, yet distinctly out of the box and cutesy (I’m reminded of Lee Sang-eun’s Something in the Air). It’s a great song too, reminding me of why exactly Korean indie is catching on. I have a question though – who are Mindopener? Did they make the video, or are they musical collaborators?

Answer: Mindopener made the promo – thank you Korean Indie for the info!



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